Self Care in Seconds: 3 Parks You Have to Visit in Hoboken

Working from home has its perks — unlimited coffee, free time to do laundry in between conference calls and a fully stocked fridge where you never have to worry about someone eating your sandwich.

It can also be quite draining. You can feel like leaving your desk even for a second isn’t something that’s possible with looming deadlines and conference calls but I can promise you that leaving your desk for a few seconds is always worth it.

That’s where these 3 parks come in. Taking a walk in Hoboken is like taking a stroll through time. From the renovated brownstones turned multi-unit properties to the restored townhomes returned to their former 1-family glory uptown, it is a feast for the eyes on every block and up and down every nook and cranny.

The parks are no different — Stevens Park has sweeping views of Manhattan, Church Square Park has an incredible dog run and the Columbus Park on Ninth Street is a great space to take a break in a cozy nook in town.

Earlier this week, we popped out to town to test the theory and it worked! Taking a 20 minute walk completely changed our point of view and we had time for a delicious Starbucks too!

TELL US: Where’s your favorite place to take a break in Hoboken?

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