Hoboken Hustle Highlight: 201Yogurt.com, a Family Affair

When I met Marina Christmas on a rainy Saturday in uptown Hoboken, I immediately liked her vibe. We talked SoulCycle, SLT and finding time to fit “good” workouts into our busy schedules. After swapping war stories, we got down to business. That is the business of HER business, 201Yogurt.

Marina has lived in Hoboken for the past ten years. Her family is growing here and her business is growing here. She’s seen a lot of change in the community over the past ten years and does still miss “the old days.”

[What do I miss most about Hoboken?] “So many of the original mom and pop spots that I’m sure couldn’t sustain the rent! Hopefully, our town can continue to build large office spaces so we can have more week/daytime traffic for the businesses.”

This is a common story among long-time residents. And it is to be expected in a town filled with such a rich history. What makes Hoboken great is the ability to grow here, to find the people, places and resources you need to succeed here (hey, it’s why I built my business here!).

But the next chapter of her story? That’s something she’s committed to building here, too.

“We had such tremendous support from our neighbors.  Restaurants and businesses allowing us to do pop up’s has really helped spread our customer awareness.  The town has been wonderful and is really excited about 201Yogurt,” she said.

The hustle is real -- on weekends, she and her husband, Matt, sell 201Yogurt around town with their branded cart. You’ll be able to get updates by following them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as we head into the fall. You can also try this delectable treat at Prime on Washington and 14th, conveniently located next to SoulCycle.

unnamed (1).jpg

The best part about this yogurt is that it’s natural, gluten-free and healthy!

“We always disliked sugary energy drinks, wanted to find a healthier way to get that quick boost!! We are surrounded by family and friends who drink these types of beverages daily and thought there had to be a better, cleaner way,” she said, of what inspired her to launch the brand.

It tastes good too (that I can promise you!). It’s a much better way to get a jolt of caffeine ahead of my morning workout and it’s convenient to carry in my purse or gym bag, plus it’s got some protein, which all the nutritionists say is key to jump-starting your metabolism “fire” from early in the day.

What’s next for the 201Yogurt crew? Besides their weekend pop-ups, the dynamic duo hopes to sell in Kings and more Hoboken locations in the future.

And in the meantime? Marina offers this piece of advice to budding entrepreneurs, something she would have told her 25-year-old self:

“Never doubt the path you are on, everything leads you to exactly where you are supposed to be!!”

To learn more about Marina and 201Yogurt, visit them on Instagram.

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