Acai You: A Guide to Acai Bowls in Hoboken

If you do a quick Instagram search for #acaibowl, you’ll return just over one million tagged photos. That’s a hell of a trend. A Google trends search reveals similar data -- searches for “what is an acai bowl” have increased 100% in the last 12 months, with the highest search interest in New Jersey out of all 50 states. It’s no wonder that Hoboken has eight spots dedicated to the trend.

Playa Bowl: Closest to the Path and Quickest Bowl on the Block

Playa is a chain (there are locations throughout New Jersey) with a clever hashtag #gobowlsdeep, steps from the PATH station. They also make fresh juices, have Lizzmonade and get your bowl out in about 5 minutes. If you’re looking for an afternoon treat? Try out their Poke Bowls.

Acai Ya Later: Clever Name with Gluten-Free Granola

Located on Washington Ave, Acai Ya Later is a cute little spot perfect for a weekend treat. I liked their gluten-free granola but I didn’t like the consistency of the bowl. It’s all personal preference, of course, but this one isn’t one of my favorites unless I’m in the mood for some crunch with my Acai.

Simply Juiced: New to Hoboken, Centrally Located

Another spot that’s super close to the PATH is Simply Juiced. Nestled on First Street, this sunny spot has fresh juice, salads, dry goods and sandwiches. Plus, if you follow their Instagram, you’ll get 50% off soup with a salad purchase.

Birch: Acai with a side of Party

Did you know that Birch has Acai Bowls? Talk about a detox to retox! Spotted on their Instagram on a Friday in August, this spot is more well-known for their weekend ragers than their healthy eats. But, hey, club kids gotta get fit too, right? I’d love to know if anyone actually drunk eats acai and if you’re the individual who does, hit me up on Instagram.

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