Go West, Young Lady!: How a Native New Yorker Relocated Across the Hudson

Hey, there! I’m Victoria but everyone calls me Vix and I’m the host of The Get | Hoboken. WTF is @thegethoboken and why should you care? You should care because I’m on a mission to bring you the best of what New Jersey has to offer -- in the growing communities of Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark and Montclair -- while helping you get the life of your dreams.

It’s not easy, right? We’re millennials -- we value experiences, we graduate with student loan debt the size of a mortgage and we are hustling, hard. We are trying to live while learning what exactly life is all about.


I spent the first decade of my adult life yearning to be in Manhattan and when I finally got there? I worked so much that I could hardly enjoy it. Now, that’s not to say I didn’t have any fun, but the fun I had was planned, focused and not as frequent as I would have liked.

As I grew in my career, I had more time to explore and explore I did! I walked up and down the island, exploring every nook and cranny, diving into familiar places and embarking on Saturdays of self-discovery… it was truly wonderful.

When I launched my business in 2015, I lost a piece of myself. I was so focused on creating a company that would change the way digital agencies functioned that I forgot to take the time to look up and out. It was successful… really, really successful. And it continues to be successful to this day, but there’s more to life than a job title or a paycheck.

As I enter this new decade in a new zip code, I’m exploring and taking you along for the ride. This site is dedicated to highlighting some of the coolest experiences out there, profiling the interesting people I meet along the way and, maybe, just maybe, helping open your eyes to a new way of life as mine have been opened.

Growth isn’t easy, but it is necessary.

And I invite you to glow in the growth with me. 

About Us:

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The Get Hoboken is designed to give you that ONE thing you need to change the game. Maybe it’s the restaurant where you’ll have your first date with your future significant other, or that workout class that becomes a staple in your life where you meet your future best friend. Or that once-in-a-lifetime trip that you take because someone else’s experience made you consider it as a destination.

Life is about curating the information YOU need to succeed and at The Get, we’re doing that for you. From restaurants to workout spots, we’ll give you reviews that will help you Get Informed and inspire you to Get Movin’! We’ll share stories from faraway lands and of hidden gems around the corner. Everything and anything is up for discussion on The Get.

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