Mile Square Church: A Place for Conscious Conversations

Church. The word itself makes many millennials uncomfortable. It’s something we did as children, for rights of passage or out of familial obligation. It may - or, in most cases - may not be part of your weekly ritual.

Mile Square Church aims to change that with an inclusive community based on faith. We spoke with Pastor Matt Lytikainen to understand their mission for 2019 and how you, the community of Hoboken, can get involved if this is something that sparks your interest.

As you can see on their website, the Church aims to be “a compelling connection to Christ and the Christian community.” Paster Lytikainen shed some light on this topic in our conversation “our community is better because we are here. We want to be a presence in the community and I understand that not everyone has had a positive experience in the Church. I want to provide a place where all questions can be asked, and where no question is a bad question.”

The Church will hold Worship services every third Sunday starting Sunday, January 20, 2019, at 10 am at the Bow Tie Cinemas on 14th street in Uptown Hoboken. The Church welcomes people of all faiths and all ages -- children, as the Church adds on the website, are meant to enjoy every aspect of the service, crying babies and all.

The Church also holds monthly Monday discussion groups in Hoboken called Real Talk. This Monday, January 21, 2019, the topic is on Race in America and will be held at the Mason Civic League on Washington Street. Every third Monday will feature a new topic, which you can learn more about by signing up on their website.

You can also follow this Church on Instagram and subscribe to their podcast to get a taste of Pastor’s sermons and an understanding of the experience you might have if you were to attend an event at Mile Square Church.

Stay tuned for an update on the Real Talk sessions as The Get Hoboken will be attending the event in February to share more about the impact this is having on our community and how you can get involved.

The Get Hoboken believes all viewpoints are valid and hopes to encourage Hoboken and Hudson County residents to have real, deep conversations about issues that matter.

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